i don't even like carrots  for Glen Coco! and none for Gretchen Wieners, bye.


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~Question Time!~

1. What first really grabs your attention concerning a kpop group?

 group compatibility. if they don’t get along, it’s hard to enjoy watching them. 

2. Describe your first concert experience. If you haven’t been to one, whose concert do you really want to go to?

 singfest 2010! it was really crazy and unorganized. the food + drink prices were ridiculous! i got stepped on and when i got home i was really sore but at least i got to see katy perry and wonder girls live HAHAAH. 

3. Have you ever covered anything? (Vocals, Instrumental, lol voice acting?)

 yes… n_____n

4. A kpop dance you’re really dying to learn or wished you learned

 ????i wish i could learn one of infinite’s or shinee’s dances but they’re too intricate.

5. Which kpop star’s closet would you like to have?

 ummmm anyone in snsd LOLOL

6. If you were famous, how would you show your fans your appreciation?

um what

7. Besides kpop, what else on Tumblr occupies your dash?

 text posts. and channing tatum. holy CRAP THAT MAN IS GORGEOUS

8. Variety shows or Dramas?

 hmm running man 

9. What song will you always listen to no matter how old it gets?

 that xx by g-dragon

10. A song that you sing along to in the shower because gull your shower is your stage and you’re sassy. (e.g. 2HOT- G.NA ….not that I sing that in the shower because that’d be weird.)

 any song that gets stuck in my head.

11. Do you stan a company? (SM, YG, Cube, etc.?)

eh ehe eheh eheehhhe hheh i stan woollim and sm

so sometimes i just sit and wonder what kind of life they have. what would it be like to have people with your name on their tongues, the exhilaration of fame and adrenaline when thousands of people are screaming and crying and passing out - because of you. you’re getting gifts and fans do crazy things just to get a glimpse of you; you’re flying to china and america and paris and korea and tokyo and all of it is a blur. half the time you don’t even know where you are, but wherever that is, means being shoved onto stage with a mic pushed into your hand, and your mouth is already upturned and you’re smiling so hard your cheeks hurt. smiling because of what? smiling because… because you’re actually happy with your life? because your company tells you to? because you’re an idol and you need to be happy and smiling and good-looking and skinny, even if it means you’re not really happy, even if that nose is plastic, even if that means starving yourself for three days in a row. even if it means sacrificing your everything just to be on stage, just for the fame. now that you’re finally here, you would give anything just to see your family - just to date someone without causing a scandal - just to be happy with what you had before you even got here. and now? now you don’t want it anymore even though you worked so hard to get here. but it’s too late. you’re stuck in the industry for the rest of your life. 

i can’t even do my homework in the time b.a.p takes to make a comeback

fanaccount on seeing exo-m at kcon

Curious ?

concert: insanely fun and crazy

convention: crappy and disorganized

every time i need money, i sing “mama ke bu ke yi qing gei wo qian”

Me: what's the difference between marmalade and jam?
Me: I can't marmalade my dick down your throat
lili: there's a kbbq place near the shack
brendon: why did you say shack
lili: it's near the shack
brendon: what shack?
lili: the restaurant is called The Shack
Adam: I'm not gay.
Adam: I think.

i gave up with otps in exo

i mean they’re all sluts so i’ll just ship everything